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Been trying to close my account for over a week

New Community Member

Been trying to close my account for over a week

I've been trying to close my PayPal account for over a week. I'm constantly given an error message that there is a "pending transaction." I removed all the automatic payments. I've called PP at least 5 times and each time I'm told that the automatic payment by Spotify on Mon, 10/28 is the hold up, that it's an "e-check that takes up to 6 business days to clear." I was told - by 4 different reps - that I would be able to close my account on Mon, Nov. 4 (today). Do you think I can close it today? Nope, I'm still given the same error message that a transaction is pending.


So I called PayPal again this morning and this time I was told that it actually takes "10 business days" for an e-check to clear and I would be able to close it on Fri, Nov. 8. I spoke with 4 reps this past week and all 4 told me I would be able to close it on Mon, Nov. 4 and now that that didn't happen, I'm told Nov. 8. I'm getting the run around. I have $0 in my account, all auto payments have been cancelled, and I haven't made any transactions. There should be no reason to keep hanging on to my account and giving me a bunch of excuses as to why it can't be closed. The payment is showing as Completed in my PayPal summary and posted to my bank account (cleared) also on Oct. 28. There is no reason for this!


Now I'm concerned I'm going to wait through the whole week and come Fri, I'm still going to get the same error message. Help!


Re: Been trying to close my account for over a week

Hi @southlake01,


Welcome to the community and thank you for your post. Sorry to hear this has been your experience with our customer service teams. If you are still having problems closing the account, you may want to reach out to our support team over on Facebook or Twitter 


Hope this helps,