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Bank Account wont Verify

New Community Member

Bank Account wont Verify

Hi, I have recently made a new paypal account and linked it up with my ebay and began selling items. However i have ran into some problems once the items have been shipped with paypal holding the money or cancelling it all together. Now i have spoken to ebay they say its paypal side and with a little investigating i believe its because i need to verify my bank account. Now here is the issue. My bank account has had paypals linked to it in the past, and now when i try to verify it wont let me. I read that you can only have two pp accounts associated with a bank account? Now is that at once or in its lifetime? I had closed my old pp account a few months back should this not have freed up a space for my bank account to have another pp associated with it? Currently stuck in limbo with ebay payments as I only have one current account and no other bank account to use. 


Many thanks

Ross Kerr