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April 15 debit card cancellation

New Community Member

April 15 debit card cancellation

I am in Canada....I use my Paypal BUSINESS DEBIT CARD while in the US to withdraw US cash or pay for purchases in US money After April 15

I will not be able to do so... this is a major problem...Paypal will not transfer US funds in my PayPal account to a Canadian US$ funds bank account

They insist on converting the US funds to Canadian currency which of course will have a transaction fee....No point in having a Canadian US$ acct.

After Paypal US$ transfer to my bank Canadian $ acct. you can now change your Canadian funds back to US$ with another transaction fee and end up with

US$ cash money....How convenient is that ????   SOMETHING IS TOTALLY WRONG HERE

New Community Member

Re: April 15 debit card cancellation

This stinks!  I've had my Paypal debit card for years.  They did this once before and then brought it back.  I go to the US all the time and it's great to be able to access my funds.  Plus I use it to fund my postage and now I will have to withdraw the money to my US account which will take a couple of days.  If I can't use a Paypal debit card then at least they should speed up the transfer to my bank account!  I'm not impressed!