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App workflow to pay credit card doesn't work well, often literally doesn't work


App workflow to pay credit card doesn't work well, often literally doesn't work



Since PayPal doesn't provide any way to report bugs (which is super frustrating, and has delayed me years in reporting), I guess here we are.


I have the PayPal credit card, the PayPal app, and Two Factor Authentication set up. I have multiple credit cards, and for all of them, when I am using the mobile app to pay the card off, or do other transactions, I don't have to enter the 2FA code, since I am actually on my phone. Here is what the workflow looks like, trying to pay off the credit card:


  1. Open app
  2. App scans my face
  3. App asks for 2fa code
  4. I open 2fa app, get code, open PayPal again
  5. PayPal scans my face
  6. I enter the code
  7. I click "PayPal Mastercard"
  8. I click "Make a Payment"
  9. PayPal scans my face
  10. PayPal asks me whether I want to get a text message or use the authenticator app
  11. I select use the authenticator app and hit "continue"
  12. I switch to the authenticator app, get code, open PayPal again
  13. I paste the code and hit continue
  14. I am redirected several times
  15. Finally, the app either stalls forever (literally and consistently), or it loads into the horrid interface Synchrony provided.

Today when I tried it, just to spite me, it loaded into Synchrony. But every single time I've tried it during approximately the last year, which was a good many times, instead it just didn't load. The correct workflow is as follows:


  1. Open app
  2. App scans my face
  3. No 2FA code is required, since this device provides 2FA codes
  4. I click "PayPal Mastercard", maybe my face is scanned, but nah
  5. Synchrony's horrid interface opens

Additionally, there should be a way to report something so egregious to PayPal. Also, it's not relevant, but synchrony is absolutely horrible. It's clearly a webapp pretending to be an app, payments don't post until seemingly forever, so there's no way to see whether you've paid your card off, and it's horrible for accounting - you can only see items that are on your any given "statement", but things don't post at the correct time. Generally, credit card apps let you scroll through your past payments in chronological order, with an infinite scroll perhaps, and visually verify to yourself what expenses have occurred without jumping through hoops. And the expenses are posted right away.


This experience is absolutely horrible - I can't emphasize that enough. The day I got my card and discovered it didn't work with Apple Pay was the day I started regretting this card. Regardless, I changed all of my expenses to use this card. But the entire process is so bad, with the late posting, horrible synchrony interface, horribly slow, ineffective and infuriating way to get to the horrid interface, and frequent failures meaning I can't pay the bill from my phone at all; it's so bad that I moved literally every expense to other credit cards, except for PayPal purchases online, which I try to avoid whenever possible.


I expect a lot more.