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Anyway to receive an actual response from customer service e-mail?

New Community Member

Anyway to receive an actual response from customer service e-mail?

I had a question about a negative balance to my PayPal account. I received a canned/automatic response that said, to check out a FAQ page for more information but this didn't pertain to me. It was obvious it was something sent out for all negative balance inquiries. I respond as much and then I receive a response that says, more information may be required. I should call customer service and it listed the number.

I responded back stating that I didn't have time to call. I asked what this information 'may' be. I received the exact same response. I then responded with the same thing, figuring that we will do this back and forth for a while. Next, I received a response with almost the same thing but instead of saying to contact Customer Service, it said to contact PayPal Recovery Solutions and listed a different phone number.

That is one of the reasons why I didn't want to call in the first place. The automated message system is a joke and if I receive two different messages for the same issue, it shows that the system isn't trustworthy. I have called and waited on hold with PayPal before only to be told I am in the wrong department and I'd be transferred. 

I would like a human being to look at my issue and let me know the solution instead of being pawned off. I don't understand the point of having an e-mail option if it will just spout of canned e-mails that say, "Give us a call!"