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Any experts on how to operate a PayPal China account?

New Community Member

Any experts on how to operate a PayPal China account?

Hey guys and gals!


I've been having such an issue with getting money on PayPal since I moved to China in August 2019.

Firstly, Customer Service at PayPal has emailed and said I have a "Personal" account, but the options are still as a Business account and I really don't know how to fix this. It makes it impossible to get money from my family in the US and or send it back without some sort of deduction. I cannot get the "Paying for Goods and services removed to send back the money.


Secondly, I haven't been able to get the money off PayPal China whihc is why I'm trying to send it back to my family to try an alternative route. Does anyone knows how I can get it off. NOTE: My bank, China Construction Bank said they don't take PayPal wire transfers.


Thirdly, how do you get the CNY, Chinese Yuan, currency option. Maybe that could be an issue? I don't understand how I'm in China, using PayPal China and the Chinese currency isn't among the options.


Fourthly, I haven't been able to send the money directly back home, my country is Antigua and Barbuda (in the Caribbean/West Indies. It keeps coming as an error saying something about user agreement. Transaction keeps being denied.


Mostly right now, I just wanna know how to send the money back to the original sender without deductions (how to manually put the Friends and Family option). 


NOTE: PayPal had advised me to close my previous account and open a China one. Nothing has been working at all for me. 

Someone please help!