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Address change


Address change

I have three cards in my wallet. I changed my address on one and then tried on the next - error message, can't complete at this time. Go back in 24 hours later, can do the 2nd change - but not the 3rd. Is there some limit on how many card billing addresses you can change at once? Do I have to wait 24 hours between each? What's going on? Why is it so hard to update my billing addresses so that I can delete my old address from my main profile? Thank you!!!!


Re: Address change

Hi @Katannuta


I am sorry to hear that you are having troubles updating the billing address on your card. Please make sure that the billing address is input the exact way that your card has it. This way we are able to verify if it is correct. If you are continuing to have this issue, please contact our customer service. You can call, send a private message through Facebook or a private message through Twitter


Enjoy the rest of your day.