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Adding money

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Adding money

I have just started a PayPal account.  Waited the multiple days to verify my account.  Tried transferring money to my account so I had a  running balance.  I recognize this isn't necessary, but for the purpose I intend to use my PayPal is it.  I continue getting an error and it won't let me transfer money from my bank account.  When I emailed PayPal they copied and  pasted  the  trouble shooting tips that I had already read through.   Said if these don't  work them contact us back.  That was on  Monday.  I had responded back  on Monday... told them that  yes I had  already tried that, but was still having the issues.  Could  they advise me further.  I have gotten no where and no more  communication.  I go to the add money, enter my amount, click add.  And get an error that I can no transfer.  Contact us for  further assistance.  Any advice?

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Re: Adding money



Have you added your bank account to your paypal account?

Have you confirmed it with the 4 digit code sent to that bank statement?

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