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Adding a non-UK phone nuimber to a UK account

New Community Member

Adding a non-UK phone nuimber to a UK account

I am in the USA for work for a few months, which has been extended into next year due to COVID. I have a UK Paypal account that I use to pay bills for my house/work back in the UK.

Recently I got an alert that I need to add a UK phone number to my UK PayPal account in order to keep using it. I need my UK Paypal account to remain open so that I can pay the bills I have attached to it. I do not currently have a UK phone number as I canceled my contract before I temporarily moved countries.

While I have a US Paypal account too, I can't (and absolutely don't want to) use that for paying these bills as I need to keep the account separate for accounting reasons, among other reasons.

How can I go about rectifying this situation please? I would happily add my US phone number to my UK account if I could.