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Add an international phone number


Add an international phone number

I can't add an international phone number to my account.


I have read the other similar messages in the community from 2019 and before, saying that Paypal is country-specific and will only let you have a country-specific phone number. Is that still the case now, or have they sorted themselves out (this being a ridiculous and impractical rule)?


I live in 2 countries, so I have 2 Paypal accounts. I need to be able to access both accounts, in any country, at any time. Keeping a mobile phone with roaming solely for this purpose is expensive and not practical. My banks can manage this easily, why can't Paypal?!


Sorry to ask here, I have been trying to get hold of Paypal for a week and (surprise, surprise) there are no humans to chat with online. I'm not staying up until 3am, to telephone them from halfway across the world.


I guess I will end up having to close my UK account but from what I've read here, even that might be impossible without speaking to someone??


Seriously, how is Paypal still in business?! This customer "service" (that doesn't exist) is beyond terrible.