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I had to create a new account because on my other account it has a phone number that I no longer use. I confirm it is me me by email but it asks for a second way of verifying that its me. The problem is the only other option it gives me to verify with is the number I no longer use. How can I log into my other account. I wouldn’t worry about it and just use this one, however I got married and the only thing I was able to change was my Social Security Card. Everything else is under my maiden name and so it declines my identity because my bank statement and ID is under my maiden name.
PayPal Employee

Re: Account

Hi @MC91 


I totally understand that you got married and you wanted to change your name on your PayPal account. I hope this article could help you out. 


How do I change the name on my PayPal account?


Thank you for reaching us.
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Re: Account

Hi @MC91,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. 

I understand that you are having an issue accessing your old account due to some security checks. If you cannot access, the only way to resolve this is on the phone. Due to Covid 19 we have reduced staffing and it may take a long time to get through right now. What you could so, is use the new account for now and once things have settled down a bit, you can give us a call so we can sort it all out for you.

Since you do not have ID in your new name it is best to operate in your maiden name for now.