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Hello, I have a question. Can I have two accounts in your system, with two different e-mails? My problem is that I have a registration in your system with e-mail in And in another site I have a registration with another e-mail and they have to pay me 10 euro. They pay only via PayPal and they want my account in PayPal to be with the same e-mail that is my account in their site. So my question is can I make an account with another e-mail in your system and have my money paid? If I can't what can I do? Thank you very much for your cooperation! Best wishes, Gergana <removed>


Re: Account

Hello @gmihajlova,


Thanks for reaching out, that's a great question! You can actually have up to 8 different email address attached to one PayPal account. I think adding your other email address to your current account would be the best option for you. 


Have a great day!


 - Jon K

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