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Account forget the password and I don't phone number


Account forget the password and I don't phone number

Hello All,

I got a Password problem with connecting on my PayPal account.

I have created this account in Italy with Italian phone number, but is more then 5 Years which I don't live over there, and obviously I don't have that phone number any more.


Because I got another account here in UK, by mistake in Ebay I have add on my email which is refer to Italian PayPal account.

I have tried to contact the custom service here, but they said I have to contact Italian Custom service to send me the link on my email address so I can reset the password. How to contact the Custom Service If I can't connect on account and nobody from Custom service answer on the phone (Here in UK even in Italy) 


Any Idea how to get around on this problem ? or anyone have the email address of custom service ?