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Account Permanently Limited

New Community Member

Account Permanently Limited

Hi There,

Few days back, I am totally shocked with following email

We are hereby notifying you that, after a recent review of your account
activity, it has been determined that you are in violation of PayPal's
Acceptable Use Policy regarding your transactions.

Therefore, your account has been permanently limited.

You will need to remove all references to PayPal from your website/s and/or
auction/s. This includes not only removing PayPal as a payment option, but
also the PayPal logo and/or shopping cart.

The PayPal User Agreement states that PayPal, at its sole discretion,
reserves the right to limit an account for any violation of the User
Agreement, including the Acceptable Use Policy.

Under the Acceptable Use Policy, PayPal may not be used for the sale of
prescription drugs that violate applicable laws or industry regulations or
for products that present a risk to consumer safety. PayPal considers the
marketing of a product and may restrict transactions for products marketed
to act like or function the same as a prescription drug. PayPal also may
restrict transactions for recalled drugs, unapproved drugs and dietary
supplements that have been banned by governmental agencies.

I have immediately contacted Paypal about this as I have never sold any drugs (violating PayPal policies) that I only use Paypal to receive payments from clients for web hosting (shared hosting & ded servers).  Email Ticket no:  KMM261396526V98972L0KM . I was ensured a reply in 24 hours, 5 days have passed and till now, no reply has arrived.  I wanted Paypal to investigate all of my transactions, I ensure that I have never violated any policies.


As no reply received so far, I have mailed PayPal again via KMM261910553V34905L0KM ticket.


Request your urgent assistance on this matter, as I cannot use Paypal as of now