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Account Disabled


Account Disabled

Because of some scammers my account is now disabled and it seems that Paypal is not doing anything about it. They just simply shut my account down. I am selling digital goods and this scammer disputed the payment he sent me. So Paypal advised me to send proof or contact my customer. I sent proof but cannot contact that customer since he blocked me already. And since he was just 1 of my hundreds of customers, I decided to ignore it and paid Paypal for the chargeback fees. But lo and behold, when I logged to my account I saw this:

"Because of potential risk exposure, we've permanently limited your account. You'll no longer be able to use the account for any transactions."


What? I have been with Paypal for many years now and just because some good for nothing scammer disputed a very very very very low amount my account is disabled? I tried to contact Paypal but there's no direct link or email to do that. If you have any idea how to fix this, it would be appreciated.