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Acccount Re-activation

New Community Member

Acccount Re-activation

So, i opened an account two years back and just the other day i accidentally withdrew funds to that account from a third party. I haven't been able to access the account since I do not remember the address i set up with the account and PayPal says they need that information. Anybody got any ideas on how to at least get my cash back? (Since the third party cannot cancel the transaction)

Any help will be highly appreciated.



Re: Acccount Re-activation

Hey @wqmbui


Thanks for asking your question in our Community and welcome. 

I understand that you received a payment on an account that you no longer access to and you do not remember the email address. It is true that we are not able to help you if you do not know the email address. If a third party has sent money to that account, you can ask them to check which email address they send the payment too. This way you might be able to recover that. If they are not able to provide the information to you I would advise them to open a dispute. This way we can still help them refund the money and they can send it to the correct PayPal account after that. 

I would advise checking how the payment was sent to you in order to prevent this from happening again. 


I hope this information helps.