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2-Factor Authenticator SMS to non-active number

New Community Member

2-Factor Authenticator SMS to non-active number

Hi, I used to have old account back in Asia and using phone number in SG, but now I've moved to France and created a new one as I cannot login anymore to the old one (un-active for more than 2 yrs and the 2F code sent to the phone number in SG. Now I need to open that old account again as my friend sent money there instead of the new account.

I've tried to contact PayPal in Facebook, but got answer to contact them from the website. The customer centre personal told me to click "Send Us a Message", but I couldn't find it anywhere.. No email address given as well. 


Anyone has the same issue and managed to get solutions on how to change Phone Numbers to the new one?

Thanks a lot, all !