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can't link my ebay account to paypal account

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Hello , I am from india ,I creating  a new ebay account , in the process I want to link my ebay  to my paypal so I go my ebay>account>paypal account>Link My paypal account . after I click the link(Link My paypal account) a new paypal window was opened ,in that it shows ''create your paypal account '' ,I already have a paypal account so I click login button on top middle on that page after log in my paypal account . my paypal home was opened as normal as so I go to my ebay window and re click the link(Link My paypal account) then a new payal window was opened in that page shows right top corner '' my profile'' and left top corner '' my user name '' its  show because of I already log in but in the centre of the page show ''create your paypal account ''with a form ,that form ask NAME, ADDRESS, DOB, PHONE,EMAIL,PASSWORD,AND CONFIRM PASSWORD . in that form near the NAME row a blank space for fill a name but I can't type anything on NAME space and the ADDRESS automatically show United States I can't rewrite the address there is no any option to rewrite and also  United States is not my address. I can see my profile on top but under it show me to create your paypal account how that when logged in my account the home page ask ''create your paypal account ''  .  please help me to link paypal from ebay or link ebay from paypal .then only I  step forward to my business  please .                                              and i try to attach screen short with it but it show ''(Uploading Inkedscreen shot in laptop windows 10 - Google Search - Google Chrome 26-06-2021.jpg resulted in the following error: Unable to Save Image)'' after past here

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can't link my ebay account to paypal account


Having the same exact issue cannot link a account and if you try to reregister you cannot put your name in anyway.

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