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One Email for Two different Accounts in Two different Countries with Two different Addresses

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Hello everyone.


I know that PayPal is country specific, ok. Amazon as well.


I can't believe that PayPal has not resources to allow you to have one account per country and automatically slit your movement to the right account so each account can be under the proper country law.


Amazon some how does. If I login in Amazon UK I have a UK account, if I login in Amazon US i have a US account. I could continue but you get the point.


Why PayPal can not offer something similar?


We are in 2020!!! Digital World!!! Lots of people work in different countries with their different bank account on those countries.


Why is it so hard make an user friendly environment to control all of them and also respect the different Laws from the different countries.


I assume that Amazon has to comply with the law in each country as PayPal does.


It is a shame that PayPal is unable to see this huge mistake.


PayPal will cry when someone offer what you think it is not worthy.


Happens BlackBerry and Microsoft (who is sweating to catch back some mobile business) with Android!

Happens to Google Talk, Google HangOut, BlackBerry Messenger all of them history because of WhatsApp!


What of the hell PayPal is waiting? I do not understand.


Wake up PayPal!




Thanks a lot if you take your time to read this thought and I hope paypal doesn't became history too. Because I have no problem to take my belongings and sing for someone else if that happens.


Again Thanks.




One Email for Two different Accounts in Two different Countries with Two different Addresses

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You can have a paypal account in 2 countries, as long as x1 is a personal account and the other x1 is a business account.

However as your email address identifies the account you want payment sent to it would be impossible to use the same email address for 2 accounts.

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