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using a form with PayPal


using a form with PayPal

I have a web site created in WordPress. I want my clients to fill out a form on the web site and after they click submit, I want the form data to be sent to me as an email and the payment it requires to go throuh PpayPal.


How can I do that?


Re: using a form with PayPal

I'm not familiar with Word Pad forms, however my Coffee Cup webform maker gives me a choice of a webpage to go to after hitting the submit button.   I put my Paypal button on that page, making note that both the form AND payment must be received in order for the transaction to be processed. 


This works great the majority of the time ... other than lately Paypal seems to be dropping the ball on a regular basis giving an error message instead of check-out screen.  Was actually getting ready to leave a message about this VERY annoying problem when I spotted your post.


Best of luck.  

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Re: using a form with PayPal

Hello joehark,


If you set up Website Payments Standard on your website your customers would have the option to pay with a credit card or log into their PayPal account to complete the transaction. Once the transaction is completed the payment details will be sent to email as well as your PayPal account. You can view PayPal's merchant solutions here.


I hope this helps.



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