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tax by county


tax by county

I need to add NY sales tax to each purchase within NY but some counties have a different tax rate - how do I accomodate this?  I know I can add a range in the tax area, but does anyone know where I can get that list from?  There has to be an easier way than manually adding 1000s of zip codes?


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Re: tax by county

Hi vexal,


Great question.  Adding around 2000 zip codes to your PayPal settings would be pretty tedious.  If you want to have sales tax calculated by PayPal its the only option available. Smiley Sad


The tax variable for a purchase can be set manually though so you may want to look into other 3rd party shopping cart solutions that support PayPal. Many of these shopping carts allow taxes to be calculated using other criteria.


I know Magento also has tax calculations with their shopping cart solution.  I'm sure many other shopping carts do the same.  You can find a list of 3rd party shopping carts here: PayPal Partner Solutions .


After a quick web search, it looks like the osCommerce shopping cart solution has a few different modules for calculating NY sales tax:,2792


As far as finding a list of all the sales tax rates based on zip code?  Looks like New York doesn't break it up by zip code:


Find a sales tax rate by address:


I hope this helps! Smiley Happy


- Frank

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