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since there sales tax??


since there sales tax??

i just made a sale on some books and when i rec'd payment, my customer was charged Sales Tax! i never checked any boxes for that ... when i checked my profile/settings i saw where all of these state taxes are active? what is this all about and what do i need to do? do i have to fill out a form now at the end of the year? ((it would've been nice if i had known this before i made the sale!)) thankfully, it didn't interrupt -- however, my selling price did come across as disingenuous~

any and all help is appreciated, as i don't sell much but this changed in a 4 day time period - between two sales ...

oh, and then there was the Fee ... not a problem, i don't mind to pay it, but it is new to me... what is the formula for the applied fees, and when did this start? thank you very much~