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"Continue Shopping" Redirect Issue


"Continue Shopping" Redirect Issue

My buttons are primarily working OK, and adding to the cart is not a problem, when I hit "continue shopping" however, the browser goes back to the correct shopping URL for a split-second, but then redirects itself to a new page, essentially + my shopping URL, which just causes an attempted PayPal login (and abandons my site).


For instance, when the continue shopping buton should send the customer back to:


it instead tries:


I have messed with the code and the variables of the buttons, but cannot find out why this is happening (and why it has just started happening why I have not knowingly edited my buttons from their previous working status).







Lots of people having the same issue:


It's incredibly frustrating and Paypal just keeps saying they're aware of the issue and are looking into it and should have a fix "soon," but this has been going on for a couple weeks now. I want to keep using Paypal but they are forcing my hand and I might have to start using Google Checkout, as much of a PITA that will be to switch over.

My club is losing registrations because of this and our convention is coming up very soon.



Re: Re:

Thanks SPG -- good to know that I'm not alone in incompetence or plum nuts.


PayPal got back to me and said:


"There was an issue in our system around the 'shopping_url' variable that controls the behaviour of the 'Continue Shopping' button, but is has since been resolved."


And so far, so's hoping it holds up.