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help customer with failed subscription payment


help customer with failed subscription payment

One of my subscribers had their annual payment fail.  I expect they simply need to update their credit card details.

Clearly paypal members can simply update their account.  What about non paypal members who paid with a credit card?  Is there a URL I can send them that explains how to update their credit card info?  I would expect an email such as this may have gone out to them when the payment failed, but how would I know that.  Is there somewhere that documents what notifications come out of the subscription system?  There is also the possibility that the notification went to a seldom checked email account.  I would like to be able to send a notice to an account  I know my customer is reading.


How do I construct a URL that takes a subscription customer to a page where they may update their credit card details.



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Re: help customer with failed subscription payment

Hello shawn09, 


Welcome to the Community Robot wink.


What it means when a subscription fails is the subscription payment has not completed. The buyer may need to update the subscription payment method in their PayPal account. However, if the buyer does not have a PayPal account then they can not change their funding source. There is not a URL to direct your buyers to.


If a payment fails, the subscription can be canceled, or the payment can be reattempted. You can reattempt collecting a payment before canceling the subscription. If your Subscription Terms calls for multiple attempts, a failed payment is reattempted three days after the failure. If it fails again, payment is attempted once more five days later. If the third attempt fails, the subscription is canceled.


If the payment ends up getting canceled the buyer would need to re-subscribe.



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