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Why is PayPay account required...

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Why is PayPay account required...

When clients click on my "Subscribe" button, it says "No PayPal account? Pay using your <script type="text/javascript">// var myText = 'credit or debit card'; document.write('<a href="#" title="" onClick="document.getElementById(\'myAllTextSubmitID\').name = \'new_user_button.x\';document.getElementById(\'myAllTextSubmitID\').value = \'\';document.getElementById(\'myAllTextSubmitID\').form.submit();return false;">');document.write(myText);document.write('</a>'); // </script> credit or debit card."  But when they click on that button, it says "You need a PayPal account for this purchase."  Trying to figure out why they can't make a purchase without having a PayPal account.

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Re: Why is PayPay account required...

Hello Michael_G, 


Welcome to the Forums. 


When you create a Subscription button with Website Payments Standard subscribers/buyer do need to have a PayPal account. To give your subscribers/buyer the option to use their credit card as well you can sign up for Website Payments Pro with recurring billing billing, here is the direct link with this information. I hope this helps. 


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