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WP ecommerce, Word Press

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WP ecommerce, Word Press

Im using Word Press to build my site. Ive added the WP ecommerce plugin and upgraded to gold cart. The WP ecommerce plug-in already has a PayPal gateway included.


I signed up for PayPal and have a merchant account. I was able to build some buttons for paypal; specifically a "add to cart" product button and a "view cart" button. How do I make them part of my website?

1. Do I need to upload them to my host server now? Where do I put them?
2. Which files do I need to modify the html to point to the buttons?
3. What other steps do I need to take to get the buttons to work with WPE?


What PayPal code needs to be pasted into WPE.

I want to offer Paypal, Google checkout and individual card options (MC, Visa, AMX). How do I build a toggle ooption to offer these choices?

I would like to display an image that shows all the above options. Where do I place the image link?

What WP ecommerce (gold cart) code do I need to modify when a customer wants to use PayPal?


Thanks in advance...



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Re: WP ecommerce, Word Press

Hello ctrue,


Welcome to the Forums.


I did some digging and found some information on the support website, it takes you step by step through how to add a button to your website.  If you would like to offer multiple payment options you would want to check the settings in the WP Cart and select the options you want to offer. You can display the PayPal credit card logo by clicking here. Once you select your payment options in your WP Cart, the payment option your customer would like to use will be available to checkout with. I hope this helps.


Smiley HappyMisty

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