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Virtual Terminal and pending account


Virtual Terminal and pending account

everytime I have posted question regards rolling reserves and Virtual Terminal PayPal customer service is very quiet , don't want to answer a simple questions I have.

I call them and they have no answers, so I am hoping that someone from PayPal answers this and fix the issues with this problem


It seems customers like myself are mislead about the Virtual Terminal and the consequences once you have this feature added to your account.

I have looked and typed and all I get are perfect answers like the rolling or pending account never existed, but once you add  VT and money are flowing into your account all the transactions are charged with 20%-30% on hold for 90 days, it doesn't matter if your grandma send you money of someone owns you payment everything is charged with that percentage and it is hold for 90 days,

in my opinion this is unfare system and one of the PayPal customer service told me that as well but they can't do nothing about because supervisors and management of PayPal told them to not answer questions regards the Virtual Terminal hidden charges

I have sent number of emails for the past year and requests to PayPal to revised this system and create seperate account for Virtual Terminal so this account has only pending charges for 90 days nothing else , so only people who pay over the phone with their credit card have 20% pending charge for 90 days as see this as fare system that protect us sellers and buyers.