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Testing pay palbutton on my website

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Testing pay palbutton on my website

I just got a website built. It has a paypal button customers would use to pay for product. Can I test the paypal button by buying the product my self, paying with my paypal account even though the funds would be going back to my own paypal account as receiving the funds with the payment I just made with my own paypal account. 

Is there any other way to test the paypal button to make sure when a customer buys a product the funds would go to my paypal account.

I have advertised my website heavily, howver no money has been deposited to my paypal account. Zero

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Re: Testing pay palbutton on my website

You cannot test the item button using your own PayPal Account as you will encounter unexpected results.   The better method is to have a friend or family member test the process.   You can even refund their money after you receive it.   Doing this will allow you learn how the system works.


Note, PayPal has a feature called the Sandbox.  The Sandbox is a Virtual World.   This what Developers use to test their item button code.


Also note, just because you have a web site and advertise, does not mean that you're going to sell anything.  Having a web site is just the first step.







Re: Testing pay palbutton on my website

Of course you can, and I suggest you sue the sandbox account to do the test.

You may obtain the sandbox account at



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Re: Testing pay palbutton on my website

I made up a test account in the sandbox so that I can test the full transaction experience from a buy now button on my website.  But when I click the buy now button and try to login with the test paypal account to simulate payment for it, it won't let me.  I just want to test the buyer transaction process to know if everything is working properly .  Is this the way to do it?

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Re: Testing pay palbutton on my website

I'm stuck too! sandbox.paypal was looking good for testing a button to put on my site BUT now that I have created the buy now button as a seller, how do I test it as a buyer? I just want to see what the payment form looks like to the buyer.

I want to sell 1 product (unlimited stock) and I want buyers to be able to select the shipping for their country. I want to test the buy now button can do what I want before I get my website hosted so I can use the paypal button. Please reply