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Shopping cart co-operation with website scripts


Shopping cart co-operation with website scripts

Hello everyone, I was planning to hit a coding forum for such a question but I figured the paypal website would be my first stop.


I have a script that has an inventory number, and every time I sell an item I have to manually edit that number.  Sometimes tedious work when having to do this 100+ times a day, so I thought of it automatically subtracting quanitity bought from the number (error pages with insufficient stock isn't a main concern at the moment).


My question to you is, how would this be done?  How would I get the shopping cart purchases to subtract numbers?  I've put a lot of thought into this, and I just can't conceive the thought of how it would be done...


Example:  I have 24 Raving Rabbids, someone adds 1 to the shopping cart and goes through with purchase, I want that to automatically update to 23 in stock.


Please let me know if something in my question is unclear, my brain is still quite fizzled by thinking of possible solutions.




Best regards,

Dustin Lee


Re: Shopping cart co-operation with website scripts

I've continued to brainstorm a solution as well as get input from others but no one seems to have anything for me.  Is this even possible?