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Shopping Cart

A  sunny Texas Sunday to you all.

I am considering upgrading my premier account to a business account in the near future.

I can't find if the shopping cart and buttons are free or an additional cost to the business account.  Also, I have more than one web site where we sell products from the farm and from our equine site.  My question would be...can all three sites use the same account.

Thanks so much


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Re: Shopping Cart

Hi capjack, and welcome to the forums!


I can answer these questions for you. Smiley Happy


A Business account functions much like a Premier account, with exactly the same fees. There is no additional cost for buttons or anything else. The main difference is that customers will see your business name instead of your name. You can definitely use all three sites with the same PayPal account, creating different buttons for each.


I hope this helps!



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