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Question regarding adding items to cart

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Question regarding adding items to cart



Is it possible using the website standard package to create an add to cart button that when clicked don't take the user straight to the Paypal website and the shopping basket?


I want my customers to be able to make multiple purchases before checking out and then coming to your website.


Is this only possible if I use the API or can it be achieved in an easier way?





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Re: Question regarding adding items to cart

Hello Ricky55,


Welcome to the Forums.


When using the Add to Cart button with Website Payments Standard it will take you to the shopping cart page, however if you did not know there is a link that says "click here to continue shopping" and it will take them back to the website. If this is not how you want it to work yes, you would need to use the API with a third party shopping cart that would allow a customer to add an item to the cart and stay on the page to continue shopping. I hope this helps. 


Smiley HappyMisty 

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