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Proceed to Checkout Screen


Proceed to Checkout Screen

Using the standard shopping cart, when my customers click the "Proceed to checkout" button they are taken randomly to one of three different screens:

Screen 1 has "Why use PayPal?" on the left with a text link at the bottom that says "Continue" if you don't have a PayPal account then the credit card logos. On the right, the standard "Log in to PayPal".

Screen 2 is slightly different text on the left with a graphic "continue" button under the credit card logos. On the right, the standard "Log in to PayPal".

Screen 3 has the fields to enter all the credit card information on the left . On the right, the standard "Log in to PayPal".

In screen 1 or 2, when you click the "continue" button it sends you to a screen that looks like screen 3.

How do I get PayPal to go to Screen 3 instead of 1 or 2?

My problem is that many customers say they did not make a purchase because it looks like you have to have a PayPal account if screen 1 or 2 comes up when they click the "Proceed to checkout" button, but on some computers it goes directly to the screen with the credit card fields.

Please help, I'm losing sales because of this one simple screen (that, and the fact that customers will not read down to the "continue" button)


Re: Proceed to Checkout Screen

I'm also losing customers who don't wish to use their PayPal accounts at checkout, but are confused as to how they can checkout WITHOUT using a PayPal account and just entering their credit card information.  I've looked for a simple way to add instructions at the top of the checkout pages to guide them through the checking-out-without-PayPal process, but I can find none.


Please either add clearer instructions for our customers on the checkout pages, or allow us to add instructions for each page of our checkout sequence.

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Re: Proceed to Checkout Screen

I am experiencing the same problem and have been frustrated.  I am loosing sales and don't care for the way it trys to trick people and make them think they have to log into paypal.  Some people do not see the tiny continue button at the bottom left of the screen, they just see the large paypal option on the right.  I emailed support and here is the response I just recieved.


"Hello Christian Williams,

The screen that you are referring to, it is a cookie initiated screen. The screen recognizes that you have logged into a PayPal account by cookies on your computer/browser. If you clear your cookies and cache you will see the screen that a customer that does not have a PayPal account would see if you click on the click here button it will also take them through the credit card payment flow. Unfortunately there is no setting to make the page permanently set to one specific screen through the PayPal Standard Buttons.

The functionality you are referencing is only available through the ExpressCheckout API. If you choose to use ExpressCheckout APIs on your site or already have that option available to you, once ExpressCheckout is established to give the customer the option to checkout via credit card without signing up for an account through the API and direct them to the page desired you must include the variables:


In the SetExpressCheckout API call. Note that some countries do not have the ability to checkout through a PayPal account optional transaction and will receive a message stating as much if they try to checkout without logging into an account.


Merchant Technical Services
PayPal, an eBay Company"