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PayPal Merchant Services & Resources - UPDATED Jan 2012


PayPal Merchant Services & Resources - UPDATED Jan 2012

Hi merchant community!

I wanted to create a quick reference for the PayPal merchant products and where to find documentation for using and implementing these products.



Section titles link to the official PayPal products pages.



All this information can be found at or on our developer site:



For integration and developer support, our developer forums can be found here: .

For a table view of all our features, see:



Products for Receiving & Processing Payments

Online Invoicing

Website Payments Standard

Website Payments Pro

Express Checkout

Virtual Terminal

PayPal Mobile

Adaptive Payments

PayFlow Gateway

  • Process credit cards using a PayPal hosted form or directly on your website. We send the transaction to your processor for settlement. When they settle the transaction, your bank credits your merchant account.
  • Compared to Website Payments Pro, this is a more traditional gateway service that can be used in concert with a new or existing merchant bank account.
  • There are two flavors:
    • Payflow Link: Customers are redirected to a secure PayPal payment page with an easy payment form. They can choose to pay with PayPal or enter their credit card information.
    • Payflow Pro: Customers remain on your website during checkout.
  • Pricing (Click the Pricing Tab)
  • Product Page
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Developer Documentation:
  • Developer Community Forums:

Industry Solutions

PayPal Payments Advanced

  • Accept credit cards and convert more customers with PayPal Payments Advanced. This all-in-one solution offers a secure payment experience and provides an embedded checkout that keeps customers on your site. It includes a merchant account from PayPal. It’s PCI compliant to help manage your credit card security requirements. And you can tap into 100 million plus active PayPal users, who look for PayPal’s buyer protections and trusted way to pay.
  • Product Page
  • Embedded Checkout Design Guide (PDF)
  • Configuring PayPal Payments Advanced for Partners (PDF)

Mass Payments

  • If you make regular payments to a lot of people, you know how much time it can take. Mailing individual checks can be costly, too. Mass Payments solves both problems instantly. You can pay recipients in 22 major currencies by email from your PayPal account. No more printing checks or paying postage—just upload a list of recipients with their email addresses and payment amounts, then click Send. Minutes later, the recipients get an email with a link to their payment.
  • Pricing (Click the Pricing tab)
  • Product Page
  • Online Documentation



Tools for Managing Payments and Checkout Experience

Merchant Setup and Administration Guide

  • Learn how merchants set up and administer their accounts, including setting their credit card statement names, blocking certain kinds of payment, adding users to their accounts, managing multiple currency balances, creating custom payment pages, getting contact numbers from payers, and working with transaction history.

Instant Payment Notifications (IPN)

Payment Data Transfer (PDT)

  • This is a notification service that sends transaction information over to your website when the customer is being redirected there after checkout.
  • Useful for displaying order confirmation or thank you pages that contain specific details about the transaction.
  • Best to be used in concert with IPN as this feature depends on the customer being redirected back to your site. If they close their browser window before the redirect is complete, your site will not receive the information.
  • No additional fee for use!
  • Product Page
  • Developer Community Forum

Fraud Management Filters

  • Fraud Management Filters checks for payment characteristics that may indicate fraudulent activity. You set up Fraud Management Filters to provide the tightest control possible over payments so that you can deny payments that are likely to result in fraudulent transactions and accept payments that are not typically a problem. Payments that may require further investigation or intervention, such as comparing prior orders or contacting the customer for more information, can be flagged or put on hold or pended for review.
  • Free filters include basic filters that screen against the country of origin, the value of transactions, and such.
  • For Website Payments Pro users, Advanced Fraud Management Filters are available for an additional fee.

Merchant Reports

  • We offer a variety of reporting tools based on the type of PayPal product you're using and your volume.
  • A list of these reports and their features can be found here.

Transactional Information

  • You can develop reporting apps—featuring account and transaction information—using the Transaction Information API suite.
  • Getting Started Guide

Account Authentication

  • Validate your visitor's PayPal account. When you log in to, you are actually using PayPal's Account Authentication service. We've opened this service to our developer community so that you can provide feedback.
  • The Account Authentication API is not designed as a federated identity or single-sign on service. Instead, it is a service that PayPal built several years ago to facilitate logins to its own properties. If you're looking for an OpenID protocol version to offer single-sign on service, check out PayPal Access.
  • Getting Started Guide for Paypal Access


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Account Authentication

Validate your visitor's PayPal account

Adaptive Accounts

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Digital Goods

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Encrypted Website Payments (EWP)

To make online payments more secure, you can make Encrypted Website Payment (EWP) buttons that rely on standard public key encryption for protection.

Express Checkout API

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Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) & Payment Data Transfer (PDT)

Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is a message service that automatically notifies merchants of events related to PayPal transactions. Payment Data Transfer enables merchants using Website Payments Standard to display order-related information for customers on the merchant’s site.


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Mobile Developers

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Mobile Express Checkout Mobile Express Checkout allows merchants to simplify checkout for customers using mobile devices, including iPhone®, iPad®, Android devices, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7.

Mobile Express Checkout Library

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Payflow Gateway

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Website Payments Pro

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Let us know what you think about, if something is broken or if you think something could be improved.

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