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PayPal Incompetence - How to Fight Back


PayPal Incompetence - How to Fight Back

If the American Express disaster is the last straw for you, too, there are things you can do to help others as you migrate to another processor.


First, send an email to PayPal to let them know why you're leaving.  These clowns are the definition of incompetent but, if enough people write, even they might figure out that they haven't a clue.


Second, write to ebay.  Yes, they're huge, too, and known for not giving a **bleep** about you or anyone else.  Again, if enough people write, it will help.


Third, send an email to your state's attorney general.  This episode with AE is costing countless hundreds (thousands?) of businesses a small fortune.  It's now been over 4 days since PayPal has been able to process AE payments.  If enough people contact their AG, it will get noticed. 


Fourth, tell everyone you know who processes cards to NEVER consider PayPal. 


Fifth, file a complaint on  It's a cut-throat site but, once posted, no force on **bleep** will get your complaint about PayPal removed.  Be sure to enter several tag words in your complaint (space to do so is provided) so it will be sure to sort to the near top of search engine queries. 


These are common-sense things we all can do to inflict as much damage to PayPal as possible on our way out the door.  We've done some due diligence on a replacement processor and find that intuit has a comparable interface offering at roughly the same rates.  We will be live on their system by Tuesday and CAN'T WAIT to tell these losers what they can do with PayPal.  We strongly suggest you do the same.