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Os Commerce auto return issues


Os Commerce auto return issues

I can find where quite a few people post this problem but I do not see an answer. We are running os commerce and with over 400 products, I am not about to change that. BUT we now only accept payments through paypal and if they do not have a paypal account and do not hit return to order, in os commerce their cart is emptied.


I have been needing to contact people to see what they ordered which is horrible. Any help would be appreciated.




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Re: Os Commerce auto return issues

Hello dragonart, 


Welcome to the Community Robot wink.


I would not want to change my shopping cart with over 400 products either. There may be some useful information about it in the PayPal Developer Forum. That’s where discussion about shopping cart solutions take place, and the people there are in the best position to offer you suggestions.


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Re: Os Commerce auto return issues

Hi dragonart,


I'm not sure I understand it exactly, but wouldn't it be good practice to empty the cart if they complete a transaction (and thus pay for an order) within osCommerce?

Or am I missing something?

For technical assistance with PayPal merchant product offerings, please file a ticket at