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Integration Help Required

New Community Member

Integration Help Required

Hello Everyone!!


We are a Online Computer Repair and Maintenance firm which provides online technical support to people around the globe. We have recently opened a business account with PayPal for processing our payments online on our website. Right now we are using the Website Payment Standard Solution with "Buy Now" buttons for different plans that we have. Recently we have noticed that whenever any customer purchases the services from our company, PayPal ask us various information about the payment like information about Delivery, Invoices and tracking information. We tried explaining PayPal that we provide Online Computer Technical Services and we don't sell any goods on our website so there is no shipment involved. Hence, we can not provide any tracking information whatsoever. Unfortunately, PayPal's Customer Service was not of a great help.


As mentioned, we provide online technical support using state of the art technology. We don't capture any financial information from any of our customers. The customers pay us directly on our website. After receiving payments from them we arrange the services for them on the same day or the next business day by calling them on their home phone number. The services are generally offered for a duration of 3 months to 4 years for which we charge the customer a single upfront payment depending on the duration opted by them.


I would like to ask whether we are using the right payment feature from PayPal for our business (Buy Now button - Website Payment Standard) or should we use any other button on website payment standard that does not ask us for delivery and shipment information? Or should we use a different feature all together from PayPal like Express Checkout? If yes than how should we integrate Express checkout on our website?


Any suggestions or advices would be of a great help to us.


Thanks in advance.


Yatin Jain