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I'm selling ebooks amd I have a question please...


I'm selling ebooks amd I have a question please...

Hi, I'm not understanding how to setup my thank you page so  customers can get my ebook after payment. I do have a thank you letter I wrote to look like my website (with the ebook download in it), how do I get that to the customer?


They can buy it, I can receive payment but I just don't know how to get it to them after the payment. Is there someplace on paypal where I am supposed to place my thank you/download letter where they can email it to the customer so they can get their book?


Also, I don't want the customer to be able to send that page on to someone else after THEY download-then that other person will get a free ebook and I won't get paid.


Can anyone that's selling ebooks help me out please? I would be so grateful. Thank you.




Re: I'm selling ebooks amd I have a question please...

I would love to know the answer to this myself! I'm not selling ebooks but have the same problem- how do I get electronic information to the person immediately after they have purchased it? I REALLY don't want to have to manually process all the orders when I know there MUST be a way to do it all on auto-pilot like other websites do.


Hopefully by replying to this question it will get moved back up to the top of the list so that someone will see it and hopefully provide us with the answer we need.




Re: I'm selling ebooks amd I have a question please...

hi prosper. it took me a while but i've found a way to get my ebooks out and it uses paypal. it is called PayLoadz.


it links up with all different types of shopping carts, paypal and google. you can sign up for free (with stipulations but the one i chose) or have a paid account about $15.00/mth plus around 40-60% of each ebook sale i think, i can't remember). after the sale is made, they send either a default or customized thank you letter to your customer. it isn't hard to use at all.


it is working for me so far, maybe it will work for you also.




Re: I'm selling ebooks amd I have a question please...

Thanks Anin,


I'm not having them download anything though so I'm not sure that would work. (though it looks great if I start selling electronic information, THANKS!!)


Here's what I need:

Customer makes a purchase ->Thank you for your order-> Taken to different website to get info they just paid for


I need the "thank you" page to be customized so I can include the new website:


Thank you for your order! Your information can be found at www(dot)hereisthewebsitename(dot)com.




Can anyone help??

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Re: I'm selling ebooks amd I have a question please...



Welcome to the Forums. 


My first question to you is how are you delivering the eBook if your buyers are not downloading it?


Here are a couple options -


You can set up a feature called Auto Return, your buyers can return to your website automatically after they make a payment - this is where you can provide your Thank You page and a link to the external website you would like your buyers to get their information. 


Otherwise you can check out the Digital Goods feature by clicking here.    


I hope this helps.


Smiley HappyMisty


Re: I'm selling ebooks amd I have a question please...

I appreciate the effort, but that didn't help. My customers are paying for access to information that is being delivered through a Constant Contact newsletter. I need to privately and securly deliver the link to Constant Contact to them AFTER they pay me. I need a way to automaticly deliver that link to them immediately after the purchase goes through. I was thinking that a custom "thank you" page, delivered privately, would meet that need, but I can't figure out how to make the thank you page. Is there  a way to make a "thank you" page or can you/anyone think of another way to deliver that link to them automaticly?


Please speak slowly if you know of a way- I'm new at this whole internet marketing thing and the "for dummies" books are about my speed.