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How to protect paypal account - security - if hiring a programmer / web developer to help me?

Dear Good Folks,


Because I need to integrate PayPal with Vervante and apply shipping options to the entire paypal shopping cart, and format and send IPN messages properly,  I am now more confused than ever.  So I am going to be hiring a programmer to help set up my PayPal account.


BUT - how do I protect my PayPal account if I'm using third-party help to assist me to set it up??


Can I put a temporary block or restriction or something on the money side of my paypal account so he or she can't get sensitive bank info?


Or, How do I find trusted, reliable help to hire for this??


Sorry - I am new to this and it's getting to be a little over my head. I've been putting more time into researching these things than I can afford to do.  It's preventing me from getting my business off the ground.


Thank you kindly for any responses!

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Re: How to protect paypal account - security - if hiring a programmer / web developer to help me?

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Hello LoreIG, 


Welcome to the Community Robot wink.

That is a great question! The good news is, yes you can protect your PayPal account! You can add what is called a "Manage user." When adding an additional user you can select what permission(s) they will have.


Here is how you can add a user: log into your PayPal account, click Profile (under My account), click My settings, click update next to Manage users, click Add User. To protect your PayPal account only select Integration



Smiley HappyMisty

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