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How do default paypal screen to request credit card info

When customers are directed from website checkout to PayPal for Website Business Standard the PayPal checkout screen defaults to asking for a PayPal login.  The user has to find and click the option to enter credit card info as a guest.  Please let me know how to default the PayPal checkout to ask for credit card info as guest first.

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Re: How do default paypal screen to request credit card info

ponchy- What is more than likely happening is that when your customers go to your checkout, the system is seeing that they have PayPal cookies on their computer, and making them log into their PayPal account. Because if you have a PayPal account, why wouldn't you be using it? Smiley Happy


The only way they'd get the option to just enter their credit card information would be if they cleared their cache and cookies before your checkout.  That should make the system give them the option of logging into PayPal or entering their credit card.



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