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How can I have an add-on to my shopping cart?

Thanks in advance for the help!


My company sells clothes and I'm working on the shopping cart where the customer pays a set price, but then has the opportunity to add personalization to their product.  There is no charge for up to 10 letters, but there will be an increase per letter: $1.00 more for 11 letters, $2.00 more for 12 letters and so on...


Is there a way to customize the html code to have this possible?  Any suggestions/help?



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Re: How can I have an add-on to my shopping cart?

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Hello kimmie416,


This is a great question. When creating a basic PayPal button from your PayPal account the options you are looking for are not available. However, it would be possible to create a button like this it would just take additional HTML coding to function how you are describing. It get further assistance with this you can jump on over to the PayPal Developer Forums, here is a direct link.




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Re: How can I have an add-on to my shopping cart?

If you can trust your customers to provide the correct input, it's probably best to use a price-based dropdown for the following options:


1-10 characters $10

11 characters $11

12 characters $12


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