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How Use Virtual Terminal When Can't Get on Internet

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How Use Virtual Terminal When Can't Get on Internet

I have a physical store and use Virtual Terminal for charges.  I've lost a few sales recently due to the 2 problems below.


How do I use Virtual Terminal when:


1.  PayPal's Virtual Terminal service is down (yep, this happened to me!)?


2.  My internet service provider is down and I couldn't get on the internet to access PayPal (bad weather, service was down, couldn't process several sales)?


Do I purchase old-style charge forms and keep them at the store, write the charge info on them, and type this info in later in my VT account - and hope the charge card was good?  Or, make a photocopy of the card?  Or....???


Thank you!

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Re: How Use Virtual Terminal When Can't Get on Internet

Hello Doohickeys,


Welcome to the Forums.  


The Virtual Terminal rarely goes down. And yes if you do not have internet service then you will not be able to enter an order directly into the Virtual Terminal. Really the only thing you can do if either the Virtual Terminal is down (like I said is rare) or you lose internet connection is to write it down and charge the card at a later time. The only thing is, this is not highly recommenced because you may run problems with collecting the payment because of the card being declined, invalid numbers or numerous others reasons. So if you make sure you have all the correct payment information and contact information this would be OK. I hope this helps.


Smiley HappyMisty