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Hosted Button Redirect to another site


Hosted Button Redirect to another site

I have a blog on Blogger.  I want to sell downloadable files that I have posted on a hosting site.  I've created the button (purchase works just fine)  and added the url to redirect  the buyer automatically to the site to download the file.  I thought the instructions said that after purchase customer would be redirected to the download.....didn't happen.


Any suggestions as to how I can fix this and test it? I'm doing this so there is no lag time between purchase and getting the file for the user.  If there is another way I don't know what it is.






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Re: Hosted Button Redirect to another site

Hello PapaSue,


Welcome to the Forums.


As you already know "Auto Return" allows buyers to return to the website upon payment completion. It replaces the PayPal-hosted "Payment Done" page with a page hosted on your website. To set up Auto Return, you would turn it on and specify the Return URL that will be used to redirect buyers back to their website. The Return URL is applied to all Auto Return payments unless otherwise specified within the button or link for that website payment. Did you set it up in the profile of your PayPal account or when you created the button? Here is the Website Payments Standard Inegration Guide, it will take you through the steps to make sure you have it set up properly starting on page 352. Let me know if that helps.


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Re: Hosted Button Redirect to another site

Misty, first thank you for your answer. I never found that manual and it has been a help...but I'm still unclear about my action.  This is where I adde the url I wanted my customer redirected to when they finished the purchase.  It is in the advanced options on creating a button.  This didn't work


Then I explored the option you sent me to but given that I sell on eBay and am now selling off of my Blog (totally different) different name, email etc. the option to turn on auto reply is confusing since I only want the customize button for the Blog products, each one different for only the Blog sales.


I then found this.


Setting The Return URL on Individual Transactions

With Auto Return turned on in your account profile, you can set the value of the return URL on each individual transaction to override the value that you have stored on PayPal. For example, you might want to return the payer’s browser to a URL on your site that is specific to that payer, perhaps with a session ID or other transaction-related data included in the URL.

To set the return URL for a transaction, include the return variable in the HTML FORM: <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="return" value="URLspecificToThisTransaction">


This sounds like it will work so long as I change the code for my blog products to the specific address for the download.  so my hopefully last two questions are:


If I'm selling on ebay a regular BIN button generated when I place my item for sale.   I won't have a problem right, my invoice and thank you etc will be as it has always been right?


Second, I cannot test a button since I cannot "buy" from myself.  I did ask a friend to buy the first time and when it didn't work I now OWE him the cost of the product.  Any suggestions on how to test the button through the end of the process?


Thanks again for your patience and what ever else you can provide me as an answer.  I sure hope others will get some use of our conversation!