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Free for a week


I'm working on a site where I want to offer a service to my visitors/subscribers. They'll get the service with 5usd per month. But I want them to get the service free for the first week. So what I'm looking for is a system when they click on the service they'll get the paypal payment page and fill out their credit card info.  They will get the first week free so they must give their credit card info to start but the card will not be billed until after the first week. Is it possible on paypal? 

I'm badly in need of this. Please help me out.

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Re: Free for a week

Hi mmaumio,


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This is definitely possible.  PayPal subscription buttons allow you to set different trial periods.


You can see the different variables available for subscription buttons here:

HTML Variables for Subscribe Buttons


You can also learn more about this here:

Offering Trial Periods and Introductory Rates With Subscribe Buttons


I hope this helps! Smiley Happy


- Frank

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