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Error on View Cart Buttons

Error on View Cart Buttons

I finally figured out how to create a view cart button by reading posts on this forum.  However, now that I've done so, I get an error code when trying to test the button.   Its is shown below:


"We were unable to decrypt the certificate id. "



Any clue?  Anyone else having this issue.   I even added items to the cart, and still got this error message.  Thanks!


New Community Member

Re: Error on View Cart Buttons

Hi - I have just had the same issue.  The site was fine a couple of days ago.  After reading various other help notes the issues seems to be with Wordpress (which is my editor)  putting in (or losing) some of the button code when I am doing a lot of editing on the page.  I had to remove the code then re-copy in the View Cart code.  All seems fine now - will have to keep an eye on this one.