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Embedding Dropdowns in Wordpress

New Community Member

Embedding Dropdowns in Wordpress

I am trying to embed a number of dropdowns in wordpress and have tried to use href and object data to place them on the page but can not get it to work.  Either the page works (object data) but then the footage is reframed or the links do not work at all.


Any thoughts?  

Volunteer Advisor

Re: Embedding Dropdowns in Wordpress

Hello sitkaconserve and Welcome to the Community Robot wink.


After reviewing your website it seems the dropdown options are working as well as the actual buttons. I am not sure if you updated the website since then.


I do know that WordPress is tricky when it comes to webforms (which is what PayPal buttons are). Which would mean when you create a button from your PayPal account you would want to use the email link rather than the HTML code. If you add the HTML code to your WordPress website the code will be stripped and will not work properly. Check out this tutorial on the actual WordPress website, it may help you.



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