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Do I give my password to my web developer?

I've hired a web developer on eLance. They've asked for my account info to set up a buy button on my site. I'm uncomfortable giving them this info. What options do I have through paypal so they can do what they need to do but can't play around with the important account info/money in my paypal account?


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Re: Do I give my password to my web developer?

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That is a very good question. You never want to give your password out to anyone for any reason. This would allow the person to have access to your personal information which you do not want to happen. With a business account you can add a user to the account and select what permissions you want them to have. To allow your developer access to create buttons you would want to select  When giving your developer their user name and password you created they will log in where you would normally put your email address and password on the PayPal home page. I hope this will help.


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