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Default to Pay as Guest

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Default to Pay as Guest

So I am using NopCommerce with PayPal Standard

Currently when I send a customer to PayPal to pay for the products it defaults to asking them to log in

It does give the option for them to pay as a guest but I am needing it to default to pay as a guest.


Is there anyway what so ever to get this to work either with PayPal standard or with Express Check out?



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Re: Default to Pay as Guest

Similar question here.  I have WPS and would like my customers to be allowed to pay as a 'guest' on PP site.  I've seen conflicting info here.  One page says we'd need WPP and another says WPS allows this.  


Adding to the confusion, my colleague and I are getting different links after clicking through the "Subscribe" button.  I get the "Don't have a PayPal account?" link and he does not.   Thanks.



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