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Customzing Fields in payment area

New Community Member

Customzing Fields in payment area

Hi All,


I've recently become a PayPal seller and so far I've found out how to customize the "pages" to include logo and header as well as border colour etc. but now I'd like to know if when the customer pays for the item I can add some custom fields to ask the customer to enter their name and department/company they belong too.


From what I've read this doesn't appear possible but could someone with my knowledge confirm or very kindly point me in the right direction Smiley Happy


Thanks in advance.

Volunteer Advisor

Re: Customzing Fields in payment area

Hello kisg and Welcome to the Community Robot wink

I glad to hear you were able to master customizing your check out page. As for adding custom fields on this page, you are correct this is not something you can change as this is a PayPal hosted page. Although you may be able to add these types of custom fields to a PayPal button. There may be some useful information about this in the PayPal Developer Forum. That is where discussions about creating customized solutions take place, and the people there are in the best position to offer you suggestions.



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