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Connecting Buttons to Custom Payment Pages


Connecting Buttons to Custom Payment Pages

I need to be able to connect to two separate checkout pages -- engagin the first was no problem, as I just made one style the primary nd all buttons defaulted to it.


I'm having trouble wit the second style -- created, named and saved it no problem, but I cannot figure out how to connect select buttons to it.


According to the PayPal instructions, it should be easy:


Overriding Page Style Settings

Your Primary page style will automatically be applied to all of your payment pages unless you specify otherwise.

To apply a different page style, select the one you want when creating your Buy Now Button, Donate button, PayPal Shopping Cart button, or PayPal Website Payments button. Just click Add More Options on the button creation page, and choose a page style from the Custom Payment Page Style menu.


...but I cannot locate this "Add More Options" or "Custom Payment Page Style menu" on my button creation page.


Am I missing the obvious -- can you help? Thanks.


Re: Connecting Buttons to Custom Payment Pages

Still don't know why PayPal touts a button/option that isn't there, but learned that this can be solved by manually entering page_style= "saved style name" to the variables in section 3.