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Checking out

I want to buy a laptop screen and when I go to check out with paypal, a screen comes up saying please input your phone number, but I'm telling you, there is No place to put it in.  I'm beyond frustrated, cuz I need this a.s.a.p and I'm getting no  help.  I have an account, obviously, it has a phone number in it, verified, everything is done, but this screen pops up and I don't know what to do.  Can someone advise?

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Re: Checking out

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Hello gscamel, 


Welcome to the Community Robot wink.


I am sorry you are experiencing these troubles. I would be frustrated as well. When you check out with PayPal there should not be a pop up screen asking you to put in your phone number because yes, you are right "I have an account, obviously, it has a phone number in it." Does this look like a screen that is coming from the actual website? Feel free to post the website URL and I can take a look to see what is happening.


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